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About Us - YouTube to MP3 Converter

MP3 file converter allows you to convert videos to MP3 format from a variety of video websites. When you find an awesome video or song, please don't forget to go to to save videos to your device.

Our teammates work hard and remain intellectually curious and supportive. We strive to develop this YouTube to MP3 Converter to be the best MP3 music converter on the market.

Online MP3 Converter

Do you want to convert videos to MP3? MP3 Converter can convert videos and songs from YouTube for free.

Free MP3 Converter Unblocked

This free MP3 converter supports to save your concerned videos on your device for offline viewing. No limit to your conversion speed and the number of videos that you convert. You can convert as many as videos as you like. But note that you can only convert them for personal use. Just give this YouTube to MP4 Converter a try now. 

Fast MP3 Converter Online

ListenToYouTube MP3 Converter is dedicated to being the fastest and most reliable MP3 Converter unblocked in the world. You can convert videos and songs to your mobile device quickly. It only takes several seconds to convert long videos to MP3.

Without Plugin or Software

This MP3 Converter file is independently developed to convert online videos. You don't need to install any software or plugs. Feel free to try ListenToYouTube online.

FAQs about Converting YouTube to MP3

1. Do you limit the number of saved files? No, we don't limit that. This MP3 Converter free is totally free.
2. How long will it take to convert a video? It depends on the length of the file you want to convert. In detail, it takes longer to convert and save 2160P videos than 720P ones. You can use this online Converter MP3 to convert videos at amazing speed.
3. What audio / video formats does it support? When you use this MP3 converter, you will see "Download to MP3" and "Download to MP4" on the result page after pasting a YouTube link and clicking DOWNLOAD.
4. Can I convert online videos with copyright protection? Of course not. All services provided by this MP3 converter respect the rights of copyright owners and prohibit you from converting copyright protected files.
5. Is this MP3 converter available on a smartphone or tablet? This MP3 Converter online can be used on any web browser as long as your target device remains online.
6. Do you have our conversion histories? No, we don't. This ListenToYouTube MP3 Converter will not collect your personally identifiable information and historical data unless you voluntarily do that.