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oose a quality, then click DOWNLOAD to directly save to y ose a quality, then click DOWNLOAD to directly save to y


oose a quality, then click DOWNLOAD to directly save to y ose a quality, then click DOWNLOAD to directly save to y

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Choose a quality, then click DOWNLOAD to directly save to your PC.
If a new window pops up, press "CTRL + S", OR right click to the video and choose "Save Video As".

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As more video sharing websites are springing today, most people want to follow many websites. In this case, online downloaders that only support a few websites may not be a good choice.

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When you download online videos, what matters most to you? Maybe a clean interface and intuitive operation. Maybe ad-free and no bundled software. You can find almost all you expect here. The amazing safe YouTube Downloader free supports you to download videos from a lot of websites with only one click. Besides, with the best YouTube Video Downloader Online, you can download YouTube to MP3 and MP4 for Android, iOS, Mac and Win.  We’re convinced that no other product is as easy to use as this YouTube Link Download tool.

How to download YouTube videos with YouTube Downloader?

Step 1: Copy YouTube video adress you want to save


Step 2: Paste it into box and click Download button


Step 3: Choose the resolution and click Download button


Download Videos with More Information

When you download part of YouTube video MP3, you may feel bothered by the messy code in the name of saved files. Now, with ListenToYouTube, your downloaded file name will remain the same, instead of an array of messy code.

Besides, the downloaded video files will remain the original cover. YouTube Downloader best is trying our best to make it easier for you to find and organize the downloaded files later.

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This safe YouTube Downloader for PC always spends a lot of time improving its download speed. Now it only takes you a few seconds to download a video within 10 minutes. And it is going to be developed later. We know that download speed is a crucial indicator of video downloads, so we put more weight on this part.

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Considering various demands, the safe YouTube Downloader Online offers you a range of options of video quality when you download videos from here, including 2160p, 1080p, 720p, 480p, and so on. But we have to say that sometimes you cannot choose 2160p or 1080p because of the original video quality.

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youtube video downloader​​​​​​​

Download Files to MP3/MP4 with YouTube Video Downloader

Your search for a proper safe YouTube Downloader online probably ends at ListenToYouTube. No matter you want to download a video in MP4 format or convert a video to MP3 format, this online best YouTube Video Downloader can meet almost all of your demands.

This YouTube to MP3 online also makes efforts to minimize the sound quality loss when you convert videos to MP3 through this website. Besides, the free YouTube Video Downloader online also supports to save YouTube videos to different resolution when you download videos to MP4.

Why video is the most engaging type of content?

First: video combines auditory and visual sense
Video puts together two factors that play an important role in delivering effective information: motion and noise. Instead, text depends on specific words, punctuation, and visual cues. Our brain loves video because it's programmed to retain visual content better than a page full of text. On average, 90% of information is remembered when viewed, compared with 10% when read, according to the study.

Second, video encompasses all content types
Another advantage of video is that it can contain all other types of content. Videos can include text, music, photos, links, and even podcasts. This makes video the king of all content.

Third, video is easier to understand
Marketers and consumers love video. Video is a good storyteller. It make information easier to understand and understand. "


YouTube has always been one of the best video sites to find interesting things and share interesting discoveries as it provides countless excellent videos from the online community where various people can show their creative skills and talents and upload wonderful programs, movie clips and news. With YouTube video sharing websites have become very popular today, many people want to download videos for offline use. 

If you want save YouTube videos, you can use this best YouTube Video Downloader online – ListenToYouTube. You don't need to download any software or install any app to download videos from this best YouTube to MP3 converter online. But when you download videos with this YouTube to MP3 Downloader, please make sure the video you want to download is copyright protected. For your own concern, each of you should be careful and respect the work of others.

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Q: Where is the download file saved with YouTube Video Downloader?

A: ListentoYoutube YouTube Video Downloader is compatible with a variety of web browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox, and the layout of web pages varies from browser to browser. In most cases, however, you may find the finished files through clicking Download in the drop-down menu when you use this YouTube Video Downloader online for video downloads.

Q: What is the maximum download file size?

A: Some free YouTube Downloaders may limit the number or file size you could download through their website. Unlike them, there is no limit to the number and file size when you use this MP3 YouTube Downloader Online. 

Q: Unable to download the video properly with YouTube Video Downloader?

A: Sometimes, the window popped up after you choose quality for the video you want to download. Just go to the new window to continue your download. The Free YouTube Downloader is totally free and secure for you to download videos trough this YouTube Downloader for PC.

Q: How many files can I download at the same time?

A: This free YouTube Downloader for PC allows users to download limitless videos but only one video each time. If you really want to download more than one video simultaneously, you may choose to open several of our web pages for video downloads. Besides, you can download the desktop of this YouTube link download.

Q: Unable to play the download file with Free YouTube Downloader?

A: When we talk about the most common video and audio formats, MP3 and MP4 are very likely to be the first two words in mind. In this case, this safe YouTube Downloader PC offers these two formats for you to choose from.

Q: When I convert YouTube videos to MP3, do they lose any sound quality?

A: This YouTube Downloder Mac supports you to convert videos to audios without much sound quality damage. As a matter of fact, sound quality does get damaged to some extent, which is kind of inevitable.