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oose a quality, then click DOWNLOAD to directly save to y ose a quality, then click DOWNLOAD to directly save to y


oose a quality, then click DOWNLOAD to directly save to y ose a quality, then click DOWNLOAD to directly save to y

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listentoyoutube Downloader for YouTube download videos off 1000+ websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Support all web browsers to download YouTube to MP3 & MP4

The YouTube Audio Downloader supports to extract a large amount of MP3 music in any genres and MP4 files in any style. You can download it from more than 1000+ websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, and more.

Easy to use with three steps

Only three steps to use this YouTube Audio Downloader. Paste video URL/LINK to the input field, hit DOWNLOAD, and then click a specific resolution and file size under “Download to MP3” or “Download to MP4”.

Free Online YouTube Downloader

We usually get lost in looking for which video you just watch online. This YouTube Video Downloader Online supports to save your concerned videos to your device for offline viewing. Just check it out now.

Fast speed in YouTube download

We can provide such a fast download and conversion speed to shorten your waiting time. The YouTube Audio Downloader only takes several seconds to download audio YouTube.

Different resolutions to choose

YouTube Audio Downloader displays different options after you click DOWNLOAD, including 2160p, 1440p. 720p to 480p, 360p, 240p and 144p. This solution to download YouTube audio only always keeps your real needs in mind and provides tailored services for you.

No plugin or software involved in this MP3 Converter

It is independently developed to download YouTube videos. YouTube Audio Downloader can smoothly do what you want without any foreign things involved. Feel free to try this  YouTube Video Downloader Online.


The best YouTube Audio Downloader offers quality services assisting your online YouTube download. When you find an impressive video or song, please don't forget to come to and save videos to your device.

All users consists with our team of smart, capable and friendly online audio/video processing experts. Our teammates work hard and stay intellectually curious and supportive. After many days and nights of hard work, we present you this YouTube Audio Downloader.


Q: Do you limit the number of files I download and convert?

A: We don’t control the number of YouTube videos/audios you use this YouTube Audio Downloader. But we block any action of downloading any copyrighted works without any permission of copyright owners.

Q: How long will I spend in downloading and converting a YouTube video/audio?

A: ListenToYouTube takes less than a minute to download a nine-minute YouTube video. For our part, we provide complete technology supports to this YouTube Audio Downloader.

Q: What audio/video formats do you support?

A: To download audio YouTube, you will see “Download to MP3”, “Download to MP4”, in the download page after pasting a YouTube link and clicking DOWNLOAD.

Q: Can you download YouTube files with copyright protection?

A: No, we can’t. In our settings, if your link is invalid or the files are under copyright, the link detection will fail.

Q: Is this MP3 Converter available on a smartphone or tablet?

A: Yes. You can use mobile phones and tablets to freely download YouTube audio only on the condition.

Q: Do you have our download and conversion histories?

A: No, we don’t. We allow users to use YouTube Audio Downloader to download YouTube audio only, so we don’t have any historical data.